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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Wordpress - It’s a Victim *and* an Enabler too!

My timing was excellent about my last post. Less than a week after I wrote about WordPress’s sloppy security, there’s news of a malware injector that invades WordPress sites and used them to infect site visitors.

From The Verge

A piece of malware that masquerades as antivirus software has been found on 200,000 web pages or almost 30,000 unique sites, says computer security group Websense. The exploit, which mostly affects sites built with WordPress, places a short piece of injected code at the bottom of a page…When a user loads the page, they’re redirected to a page in the top-level domain that mimics a Windows security scan, then asks them to download a malicious program to supposedly clear viruses from their computer. It’s a scam that’s been running in various forms for years, and Websense says it’s been tracking this particular threat for several months.

They’ve got some info on the header and such - if you use that system it’s worth looking at.

PS: We’re on Expression Engine. You’re safe.

Via The Verge...

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

iPad 2 - News around the corner

Now that they’ve dropped the bombshell, I expect Apple to announce the new iPad very, very soon.

Their modus operandi is to take their medicine and then start serving the treacle.

I expect to see an announcement card for and event soon, then hear about earnings successes in this months’ conference call, and then the event where the next iPad is announced. Maybe a thinner, DVD-less MacBook Pro (I just got a current MacBook Pro so it’s time to reveal a new one, of course).

Boom - boom - boom.

With Cook still working behind the scenes as COO, Ive still designing, Shiller still shilling, Apple continues to fire on all cylinders.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Contract Killer

For the record, I hate “suit-speak”. It shouldn’t cost €500 in legal fees to make a contract for a €2500 site. Happily, there’s a great starting point for contracts…

The benefit of working with an independent web developer is the lack of onerous terms and conditions - it’s a much closer relationship than you’ll ever see from a company with more than 10 employees. We’re small and light on our feet, much like a cockroach after a nuclear war, and without the expensive infrastructure to support, small companies can often get far more work done for significantly less money.

Happily, Andy Clark from Stuff and Nonsense, a UK design site, has taken upon himself to supply us a great starting point: his contract killer, a great starting point for an easily-read, socially-friendly contract that you (probably) won’t ever need a lawyer for. Of course, it probably wouldn’t be bad to run it by a lawyer in your part of the world, just in case…  wink

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

What’s your Facebook Footprint?

Did you know you can now download every wall post, every response, every comment, every poke, every photo or video you’ve ever put on Facebook? What’s your Facebook Footprint?


Now you can back up every misstep, every faux pas, every whoopsie you’ve ever made in public.

On October 7th, Facebook announced it would begin to let people download all the personal information they’ve put on Facebook. All you need to do is:

  • Top Menu: Account

  • Choose Account Settings

  • At the bottom of the page is Download your Information

  • Fill in your password and click Continue

  • It will take a bit of time for Facebook to compile it, and once you get a note that it’s ready you’ll have to prove it’s your data, but boom - one nicely organized zip file with all your assets. You prove it’s your data by identifying friends in photos not in your account, so a hacker would have to know you fairly well to download the file.

    Off you go!

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    Monday, May 31, 2010

    Font Management in OS X, 10.4-10.6

    Fonts in OS X seems to change in every version. They’re a mystery, wrapped in a puzzle, often dotted with a umlaut and an accent-grave. Whether you’re a a Flash developer wondering why your final Helvetica looks larger than it should be, or a print designer who’s output looks strangely un-kerned, this link is for you…

    I know nothing about JKL Studios other than they’ve got the most detailed and easy-to-understand overview I’ve seen about Mac font management.

    Read it.
    Learn it.
    Live it.

    And download the PDF for when you stupidly remove the LucidaGrande.dfont from your /System/Library/Fonts/ directory.

    No…I admit to nothing.

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