Monday, January 10, 2011

Contract Killer

For the record, I hate “suit-speak”. It shouldn’t cost €500 in legal fees to make a contract for a €2500 site. Happily, there’s a great starting point for contracts…

The benefit of working with an independent web developer is the lack of onerous terms and conditions - it’s a much closer relationship than you’ll ever see from a company with more than 10 employees. We’re small and light on our feet, much like a cockroach after a nuclear war, and without the expensive infrastructure to support, small companies can often get far more work done for significantly less money.

Happily, Andy Clark from Stuff and Nonsense, a UK design site, has taken upon himself to supply us a great starting point: his contract killer, a great starting point for an easily-read, socially-friendly contract that you (probably) won’t ever need a lawyer for. Of course, it probably wouldn’t be bad to run it by a lawyer in your part of the world, just in case…  wink

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